FireStarter October Wrap-Up
4 min readNov 2, 2021

The metaverse has arrived. Led by FireStarter.

What an eventful October for the FireStarter Community. From the launch of the $FLAME token on KuCoin, to project announcements with Nicky Diamonds and Deepak Chopra - the foundation of FireStarter is coming to life on the blockchain and beyond.


To prove the efficacy of the platform, FireStarter raised its own funding round through the IMO process. This enabled over 800 community members to participate in the $FLAME pre-sale and raise our $240,000 target in less than 60 seconds.

Project Announcements

FireStarter announced three projects currently in incubation. Promising to provide access to the community through culture, the metaverse, and $FLAME. Token projects, along with additional NFT projects, will be announced for the month of November shortly.

Nicky Diamonds

The Diamond Crypto Dunks are a collection of completely unique NFT’s with multiple rarity combinations designed by Nicky Diamonds. Each NFT is unique in order to prioritize rarity and quality. The NFT Pre-Sale drop resulted in over $500,000 of Eth swapped.

Known Gallery

A former pillar of the Los Angeles art scene, Known Gallery was arguably the most influential space in American contemporary street art. What began as a space for the mysteriously-led art collective The Seventh Letter to exhibit their work to friends and family, will see its evolution onto the blockchain through NFT’s.


By connecting artists, philanthropists, brands, and change makers alike, Seva.Love aims to build community around causes that will benefit society for generations to come. Building community as an end in itself and monetized by sharing in the value being created.

Marketing Activations and Community Growth

Through in-person activations and online marketing, FireStarter is reaching audiences from all around the globe. Growing Twitter by 125% and increasing profile visits by nearly 500% throughout the month.

AMA with Infinity Gainz

With almost 5,000 audience members, our first AMA with Infinty Gainz saw $3,000 in giveaways and an 8% boost in our Telegram Community. Additional AMA’s will be scheduled and announced for the month of November.

The Beach Boogie with Yung Pinch

The first in-person $FLAME activations began to take place as we embarked on our mission to tokenize culture. The Beach Boogie with Yung Pinch gave $FLAME holders access to giveaways and exclusive merch at the concert.

ComplexCon with Known Gallery and Nicky Diamonds

Having worked with the likes of Futura, Retna, and Shepard Fairey, Known Gallery aims to bring their signature style of operation to audiences around the globe. Showcasing not only the most well known of artists, but also the next generation currently taking the crypto space by storm. FireStarter and Known Gallery will be making an appearance at ComplexCon in November for their first NFT activation.

Celebrity Partner Campaigns — Over 30+ Million Reached

FireStarter had 12,300+ mentions on Twitter in the two weeks since our launch and reached over 30 million people. Included in those were the likes of Jay Alvarrez, Jesse Wellens, Sasha Spilberg, Rob Kardashian, ComplexCon, and many more notable figures.

Partnership Announcements

FireStarter announced major partnerships within crypto and mainstream culture. Kucoin, Polygon, Quickswap, and Quanstamp all joined the FireStarter Ecosystem in supporting $FLAME and helping the community achieve its goals.

November Roadmap

  • Platform UI Updates — Staking, Locking, and Tiers
  • First Token IMO’s
  • International Marketing
  • New Exchange Listing

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