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The Fitness Finance App is coming to FireStarter

AMAZY is a Move-2-Earn lifestyle app and the future of fitness. Buy 3D NFT Sneakers, go for a walk or jog, and earn tokens that you can exchange for real money.

🏆 ​Created by Founder and Team AZUR GAMES — Top 3 Mobile Publisher, 2.5 Billion+ Downloads in 2021, 30+ Million Daily Players

🏃‍♂️ Move-2-Earn — Rapidly Growing and Investable. Get Fit Mechanics!

💎 Reaching Millions — 300+ Ambassador Network

Fitness Finance is a rapidly growing sector in the Web3 ecosystem. With triple digit returns on popular projects in the space, AMAZY aims to follow suit with their new fitnesss app powered by NFT’s and the $AZY Token. The FireStarter Community will have the opportunity to invest in the public-round of fundraising, with more details to come below.

Azur Games & Team

Azur Games is a Top 3 mobile publisher with over 2.5 Billion downloads on released games. Co-Founder of Azur Games and veteran game developer Artem Nikolaev has teamed up with social media superstar Sergey Kosenko for the release and platform marketing initiatives.

Zero Entry Barrier for the Mainstream — 500 Million + Reach

You don’t have to own an NFT to join AMAZY. Instead, you can rent assets from friends for free to get started and split the earnings later. Unlike other platforms, where the price may be too high for a risk averse consumer — friendly on-boarding and mass adoption will be a huge part of their go-to-market strategy. This is also reflected in their massive marketing efforts and influencer partners. A small preview can be seen below of their over 300+ ambassador team reaching 500 Million+.


In AMAZY players will be able to walk or jog as a team. Each user can buy, sell or rent sneakers at the in-app marketplace. Leveling up their sneakers and keeping them in-tact along the way. All powered by the $AZY Token and their in-game currency $AMT.

$AZY Tokenomics

The $AZY Token will follow the below Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule. More details on the FireStarter Community allocation will be released shortly.

$AZY IMO Details

All those who wish to participate in the AMAZY IMO will need to apply to the Allowlist, regardless of Tier or Access Type. You must lock $FLAME to establish Tier before applying, and keep $FLAME locked throughout the duration of the IMO. You are able to upgrade your tier up until 24 hours before IMO date.

Lava Pits
To participate in the Lava Pits you must fit the following criteria:

First Access:

  • 1 Year Lock — Lock greater than 40,000 $FLAME in the one year lock. While it is locked for a year, you will earn 13% APY and a FLAME power multiplier of 1.8X
  • 3 Year Lock — Lock greater than 25,000 $FLAME in the three year lock. While it is locked for three years, you will earn 23% APY and a FLAME power multiplier of 2.5X
  • Top 100 from Leaderboard
  • Hiro Holders not included in the Top 100, allocation size determined by tier
  • Participants from previous IMO (everyone who contributed funds to REV3AL raise)

Second Access:

  • In the event that First Access does not purchase all the allocation, the remaining allocation will go to allowlisted community members with base tier and up.

KYC is required to participate, you can check your KYC status under the Account Tab in the upper right navigation on

FireStarter Public Pre-Sale Allocation: $50,000 BUSD
IMO Public Pre-Sale Date: 7/14/22
$AZY Token Price: $.025 BUSD

AMAZY Allowlisting

  • Open: 7/7/22 @ 2:00 PM UTC
  • Close: 7/13/22 @ 2:00 PM UTC

Lava Pit First Access — Public Pre-Sale:

  • Opens: 7/14/22 @ 8:00 AM UTC
  • Closes: 7/14/22 @ 2:00 PM UTC

Lava Pit Second Access — Public Pre-Sale:

  • Opens: 7/14/22 @ 2:00 PM UTC
  • Closes: 7/14/22 @ 5:00 PM UTC

About is a challenging fitness app with game-fi features. Here you wear trendy virtual sneakers and take a walk or jog to earn AMT tokens. Move more to boost your sneakers or get new ones. The project is being created the Azure Games team that has developed dozens of mobile games with over 2 billion installs.

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About FireStarter

FireStarter is an IMO launchpad that incubates metaverse crypto projects for long-term success. In de-risking for investors and bringing credibility to projects, FireStarter can create an environment early project supporter feel comfortable partaking in. For project owners, FireStarter is able to super-charge their existing community and usher in their own $FLAME token holders. Establishing an early product market fit, and setting projects up for a successful launch.

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